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Why bullet boosting

LOL Elo Boosts: Boosts you wherever you want.

We are a group of friends, who played this game since season 2-3, and now we just want to help people that struggles in low elo, because we know sometimes is very annoying climbing the ladder,especially when you're matched with trolls, toxic people, etc.

  • Cheapest services ever.
  • Affordable prices.
  • 100+ Completed boosts





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Time Guarantee

Bullet Boosting provides a finish in time guarantee on all ELO boost orders. An approximate finish timer is available on each solo order after logging in.

Privacy & Appear Offline

All services available on Bullet Boosting remain 100% private. To increase privacy, we offer an appear offline feature on LoL boost services.

Order Tracking

Bullet Boosting offers a private order tracking system available after logging in. Features include spectating, chat with the booster, and live match history.

VPN Protection

We use VPN protection on every order as a standard. The VPN management system hides the IP of the booster, making the service undetectable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Bullet Boosting's services better than the others?

    We always try our best to provide the best service to our consumers, since we are an old company of Elo Boosting, we already have plenty of history as a company and we've never failed our consumers. We provide such a variety of choices for any service we offer to our consumers and we will keep doing that so our feedback as a company keeps being highly positive. We have a lot of reviews and feedback about our provided services. We keep bringing loyalty and satisfaction to our regular old consumers just like with our newest consumers. We promise loyalty, quality and satisfaction in any provided service from our company.

  • Yes, Bullet Boosting owns a private Discord server. We always suggest our users to join our Discord. Join our Bullet Boosting community now!

  • There have been always a small chance and risk of getting banned. After all researches we have made, that situation occurs in around 0,2 % of the total amount of boosted players. However, keep that in mind, but even if that happens we will provide you relevant information to unlock your account.

    Note: You cannot get banned for using Duo Boosting services.

  • Bullet Boosting uses only one payment provider (

    You can use Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover card on invoice page.

  • During the customization of your boost, you can specify certain aspects of the boost such as:
    - Choose your summoner spells location
    - Choose the role/lane(s) you want the booster to play
    - Choose the champion(s) you want the booster to play with
    - Streaming games on my account

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